Visual identity for a digital medicine innovation hub.

UI, Branding


Biogen Digital Health is a global unit of Biogen dedicated to pioneering personalized and digital medicine in neuroscience. Their portfolio of digital health solutions includes initiatives across clinical development and real-world settings in various stages (development, validation, and in-market) and different therapeutic areas.


Initially hired in the Marketing branch, I worked mainly on BDH global visual identity and making their new branding alive on different support. I later moved in the UI/UX team to work on many other solutions linked to the unit.

Here are some of the things I accomplished as a designer on this project:
• Assimilate and develop brand identity on various supports
• Create a Playbook to guide usage of graphic elements
• Design showcase website using and challenging Biogen’s legacy template
• Create an imagery repository to be used by employees
• Give team photoshoot guidelines to match digital identity
• Create illustrations for BDH catalysts’ badges
• Create posters for BDH Headquarters in La Defense, Paris
• Design support on key BDH slide decks
The main objective and also constraint of having a distinct BDH identity was to highlight their digital ambitions while still respecting the original Biogen brand.

I declined the colors with more modern and vivid ones and decided to go with an open source font that would fit the studio mindset and make it easier for people to collaborate.

I also wanted to give a visual direction for imagery to reinforce the graphic charter. On one side we have office team pictures that are using brighter tones and light backgrounds. On the other side, we use deep blue and neon green tints for neuroscience type of imagery. It creates a duality that is easily recognizable.
Designing BDH showcase website was a challenge because I was limited by the Biogen legacy template that was used at the time. This template wasn't including a lot of components and their looked for the most part outdated.
Neurotechlab was the branch of BDH dedicated to External Innovation. I had the opportunity to work on variations of their logo for various projects like Neurotechprize and Neurotechxplore.
The idea for the posters and stickers was to symbolize in a lighter tone the four main catalysts of Biogen Digital Health. Space was a recurring theme used as allusions in internal communications so I decided to embrace it and create cool stuff with it.